626-0005-00L Mathematical Modelling in Systems Biology (Prof Iber, ETH Zürich)

The course provides an introduction to the development and analysis of mathematical models for biological processes with a particular focus on the analysis of cellular signaling networks.


636-0706-00L Spatio-Temporal Modelling in Biology (Prof Iber, ETH Zürich)

This course covers mathematical approaches to spatio-temporal problems in biology. The course assumes no background in biology but a good foundation regarding mathematical and computational techniques.


36-0006-00L Computational Systems Biology - Advanced Topics (Prof Stelling & Prof Iber, ETH Zürich)

The course introduces computational methods for systems biology under 'real-world' conditions of limiting biological knowledge, molecular noise, and spatial effects. The focus is on systems identification for mechanistic models. Methods discussed include uncertainty evaluation, experimental design, abstract systems descriptions, and spatially distributed models.