Prof. Sandra Hofmann (ETH & Eindhoven University of Technology) - 5 pm @ D-BSSE - Engineering to meet the needs of cells


Engineering to meet the needs of cells 

Most bone tissue engineering studies have been of observant nature and their promises raised great hopes in orthopedic patients. However, most tissue-engineered constructs are still far from what is required to provide a functional implant. Although it is undisputed that cells do sense and react to their environment, our current understanding of the interplay between the factors and processes involved in tissue development and regeneration is still very limited. Even more so because most of these studies do not take into account that the development of a tissue is a time-dependent process where the cell’s environment changes over time and constantly evokes a new reaction from the cell. The aim of the presented research is to provide one potential approach on how some of these issues can be addressed in bone tissue engineering. Only through continuous observation of the changes in the evolving tissue we can gain insight into which processes influence cell adaptation and tissue development and to what extent they do so. The knowledge of the effect of these parameters and the ability to predict their behavior over time will hopefully allow the design of scaffolds that meet the needs of cells that are applied to repair bone defects.


Date: March 16, 2015