Prof. Garth N. Wells (Cambridge University): Techniques for high level, high performance scientific software (12:10 pm @ Seminarraum 2, Rosshofgasse/Nadelberg, Uni Basel)


The development and use of a domain-specific language coupled with code generation has proved to be very successful for creating high-level, high-performance finite element solvers. The use of a domain-specific language allows problems to be expressed compactly in near-mathematical notation, and facilitates the preservation of mathematical abstractions. The generation of low-level code from expressive, high-level input can offer performance beyond what one could reasonably achieve using conventional programming techniques. Moreover, development time can be dramatically reduced and everyday HPC made accessible to domain experts. This presentation will summarise some recent developments in automated modelling for HPC, and a range of challenging modelling problems from different fields that use the presented tools will be shown.


Date: March 4, 2014